SwingTones Big Band

Information panel

The band is fully equipped with its own stage platforms, music stands, lights, amplification and all the required cabling. Being a big band we do require a reasonable amount of space to set up in.

The drawing on the right shows how the band is normally set up and the space required.

The band does not require a lot of electrical power. However, in order not to overload circuits, we do try to spread the load over two or three power points.

The drawing below shows the normal set for the band and indicates the amount of space required. The band is set up in three levels with the Saxes, Bass, Drums and Vocalist at floor or basic stage level. The trumpets are positioned one row back and one level up from the saxes. This is achieved by means of a portable platform approximately 350 mm high. The keyboard is placed on the same platform as the trumpets. The trombones are positioned on a separate platform one row back and one level higher than the trumpets.

The same three tier set up applies where the venue does have a permanent stage. This is even more important than in halls or venues where no stage exists, as it prevents the second and third rows being hidden from the audience.

The portable stage platforms 1 & 2 are a part of the band's equipment and do not need to be hired for the occasion. If the venue does not have stage platforms available, the band will use its own platforms. There is a no extra charge for this.